Advanced Open Water (AOW)


Advance your skills in Roatan

Comprising of five specialized dives, the PADI Advanced Open Water Course takes two full days to complete and will polish, develop and expand the skills you have learned in your Open Water Course.

The Deep dive and Underwater Navigation dive are compulsory. For the other three, you can choose what you prefer. Our most popular ones are: Fish ID dive, PPB (Peak Performance Buoyancy) dive, Drift dive, and Night dive.

The theory portion of this course involves  a knowledge review for each specific dive. We recommend our E-learning option, arriving with the theory already done online beforehand. This will allow for more time to focus on the practical skills, and give you more time to relax while on holiday. During each of the five dives you will have a specialized briefing where the knowledge reviews come into play.

This course will boost your comfort and confidence level as a diver, and it's a wonderful way of familiarizing yourself with the different types of diving available around the world, and to become more attuned with the kind of diving you prefer.


Price:  Advanced Open Water Course  E-learning - USD $400


Price includes all equipment, materials and tax

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