Rescue Diver / EFR


Rescue Diver in Roatan

Get ready for some action!

The PADI Rescue course teaches you how to manage problems underwater and on the surface. The Rescue Diver course is an unforgettable part of any divers training. It's intense, tough and incredibly fun, plus it’s one of the most rewarding programs in scuba diving. Not only because you learn a lot about yourself as a diver, but also gain the confidence to assist those in need. 

The Rescue course is taught over three days and involves confined sessions to practice your skills, and open water dives to perfect them.

Exercises and Scenarios you will cover include:

  • Distressed Diver on the surface and underwater.
  • Out of Air scenarios and Panicked diver drills.
  • Unresponsive Diver.
  • Missing Diver Scenario and effective response


PADI’s internationally accredited first aid course, the Emergency First Response (EFR), is hands-on full-day program, where you’ll learn to manage accidents and emergencies. During the course you will learn the basics of Primary and Secondary care including CPR, how to handle emergencies and treat injuries and also have an introduction to AED use.

Price:  Rescue Diver / EFR Package - USD $550

             Rescue Diver - USD $450

             EFR - USD $150


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