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Irma Korb - Managing Director



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Irma hails from South Africa where she began diving in 1996 and never stopped. She is extremely passionate about the ocean and everything below its surface. As a master instructor she also has a deep love for teaching people how to dive, especially turning recreational divers into professional divers. Irma has experience diving and managing dive centers around the globe for over 15 years. She speaks Afrikaans, English & Sarcasm fluently.

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Russ is English and started diving in 2009 and quickly established himself as a dive professional. His love for diving runs deep and he has some amazing dive stories that could keep anyone entertained for hours. Russ is also a Staff instructor, an experienced equipment specialist and an avid Sidemount/Cave/Tech diver who has worked in Thailand and Dubai. His mother tongue is charm, but he also speaks Cockney rhyming slang and English with a funny royal accent.




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Victor is a native Honduran, born on the mainland in the city of La Ceiba and raised in Roatan. He spent the largest part of his life learning the reefs in and around Roatan as a very skilled boat captain, he is also an Emergency First Responder and a Rescue diver. Victor is undeniably the handiest man in our team and can fix literally ANYTHING! His languages include Spanish, English and a lot of wit.

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Course Director

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Doug Hoy is English and found a passion in Scuba Diving early on in life when he traveled to Thailand.  He continued on to become a professional diver at Utila Dive Center, under the wing of the late and legendary Andy Phillips. Doug's drive for professionalism and natural teaching talent have led him to become Course Director. He speaks English, conversational Spanish and Indonesian. If you choose to become a professional in diving, look no further. Doug will ensure you get the best training.



Marketing / Conservation

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Vero comes from Montevideo, Uruguay, and is also half Honduran. A Tech/Cave diver who has worked in countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, and Honduras. This Komodo current junkie has a passion for u/w photography and conservation. She is a Staff Instructor who speaks fluent Spanish and English + conversational Portuguese and Indonesian. She also flares her nostrils as a sign of affection. 

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Jim is from Arizona, U.S.A and has trained as an Instructor in Roatan. He speaks English and has one of the most infectious laughters in the whole world. He is always eager to find cool critters underwater and he is Reef Glider's very own gentle giant.



Marketing Coordinator

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Shane hails from Boston, MA and helps support the Reef Gliders website and marketing alongside Vero. He works full-time at Hubspot and meets with us on a regular basis. Already an advanced scuba diver, he wishes to continue his diving education. His attention to detail and passion for design have set him apart as an incredibly talented and special member of the Glide Tribe.


Captain Gerson


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Captain Gerson grew up in the neighboring island of Guanaja but has lived in Roatan for a long time. He speaks English and Spanish and knows these waters like the back of his hand. He will always be there to give you a hand, on and off the boat, and will keep watchful eyes over your bubbles when you are diving.




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Jana comes from the Black Forest Region in Southern Germany. She is a specialty instructor that is fluent in both German and English. She trained in Roatan but has a lot of experience working in the Maldives. She has grown up as a horse 'aficionada' and rider, so not surprisingly, seahorses are her favorite underwater find. Her witty comebacks will not fail to entertain you.




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Instructor Jared is also from the land of the Royals, but grew up in U.S.A, Dubai and Jakarta. As a huge Harry Potter fan he will magically find you all the good things under water. His quirky behavior keeps all his students captivated and brings a great amount of fun to every course he teaches. He's got a keen eye for macro finds and nudibranchs have a special place in his heart.

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