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Staffing IDC's in Roatan 

Join the elite levels and take your career to the next step. As an IDC Staff instructor you are eligible to teach Assistant Instructor courses and join the IDC process under the supervision of a PADI Course Director.

For your training, you’ll assist our Course Director on a full IDC where you’ll learn the process of developing instructor candidates with effective teaching techniques. You’ll also develop your abilities of evaluating candidates during their water skills presentations.

The Staff instructor certification will not only allow you to work full time on IDC courses, but will undoubtedly enhance your skills as a recreational instructor.     

At Reef Gliders we prioritise your training experience and not just your attendance at the IDC. This is why we begin your Staff Instructor course 2 days before the IDC where you will take part in your pre-assessment, course presentations and evaluation training. This preparation ensures you have a real understanding of the IDC course structure and role of a Staff Instructor, to best prepare you for being a mentor to IDC candidates.

Every day during your IDC audit you’ll benefit from personal briefings and debriefings from our Course Director to enhance your learning experience and benefit as much as possible from the course. 

Afterwards you will have the credentials and confidence to work full time on IDCs as an assistant to a Course Director. Our IDCS graduates also find they’ve advanced their ability of diver development, both recreational and professional, and have a much deeper understanding of the PADI system of education. 

Send us a Staff Instructor enquiry below and we will get back to you with all the specifics about becoming a PADI Staff Instructor

Price - USD $750

Price includes all taxes, excludes PADI Fees and materials

Staff Instructor