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Our equipment and tanks are kept in pristine condition, regularly maintained and serviced to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. As a MARES partner, we offer Mares BCD's, regulators, fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits. Our BCD's come with integrated weight pockets as standard, though we always have weight belts at hand for those who would prefer it. We have balanced-diaphragm regulators to ensure every breath comes effortlessly, no matter the depth or conditions. We offer both short and long 3mm wetsuits for those who tend to get a bit colder.

When you are taking a course with us we include the use of dive computers and compasses. When you are fun diving with us and wish to rent a dive computer they are available for you as well. Your guides/Instructors will always have a DSMB (surface marker buoy) to mark their location on the surface when drift diving.

Our Equipment room is kept tidy and well-ventilated. After diving our team will professionally wash, disinfect and hang all equipment, including your personal gear, in our spacious Equipment room, under lock and key. 

On the boat, we set up your equipment for you as part of our boutique service. You can always let us know if you prefer otherwise, but mostly guests do enjoy getting pampered. Of course, once aboard, guests are responsible of double checking that they have everything they need.

Our standard tanks are 80cf, however we also have 63cf and 100cf air tanks to offer you. Our tanks can be yoke or DIN valve. We have our very own Nitrox Station and  offer Nitrox 80cf tanks for divers who are Nitrox certified or wish to get certified. We have in -house equipment specialists and technicians (for Mares equipment specifically as well as other brands), and we have all of our tanks visually and hydrostatically tested by professionals.


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